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Company philosophy

Our goal is to provide the owners and managers of already existing real estate on the national real estate market with overall services, exploring the synergies. We offer our services at a high level, with clear processes, along with value added, therefore we aim to achieve the market leader role all service segments we are present in.


Our mission involves raising the quality of the service levels and we aim to add to the development of an acknowledged and appreciated industry in Hungary using our professional skills and international experience.

Organization membership

Dome Facility Services Group considers it highly important to provide professional support to industries where its services are provided. For this reason either Dome Facility Services Group or some of its officers are members of a professional organization. Through the membership in these organizations we are part of a professional information network which provides us with up-to-date data and gives us an opportunity to share our direct experience with other companies. This activity provides further guarantee to our clients that they are provided with the best service by Dome Facility Services Group.


·         Hungarian Real Estate Association (HREA)

·         Hungarian Facility Management Society (HFMS)

·         Hungarian Logistics Association (MLE)

Mr. Gábor Décsi, the managing partner of Dome Facility Services Group is a member of the HREA management committee. He undertook an assignment in 2007 to represent HREA in the “Benchmark Club” of HFMS and his intention was to deliver an opportunity as a result of the cooperation for a common professional publication that may fill a gap for the facility management and operation profession. 


Mr. Gábor Décsi became a professional member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) in 2011.

Professional liability insurance

Dome Facility Services Group has a general, employer, environmental contamination and service liability insurance of 200 000 000 HUF per year.


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