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13th March 2008,

The logistics centre of Teva in Gödöllő completed at the beginning of last year is a good example of business process planning and the integration of necessary supporting facility management system – said Gábor Décsi, managing director of Direktmester Kft. manager of the facility. The pharmaceutical company made a decision in 2004 to extend its former centre. At that time it seemed obvious that the storehouse base and its facilities through which Teva served its clients did not satisfy the needs and future expected service level of the planned increase. The expected service speed slowed down according to internal calculations due to the limited storehouse base size and technical equipment, the storing conditions for certain products could only be ensured at extra costs, and this fact further decreased the level of efficiency. Read more…

Every house needs a guardian angel

11th February 2008,

The Residential community insurance program of Allianz Hungária offers long term cooperation to communities. The program and the services are regularly extended by Allianz, Mr. Sándor Hoványi vice director answers our questions. Read more…

When the only hope is the drain cleaner

12th January 2004, Népszabadság online

The major part of the blocks in the drain system is generally caused by thoughtlessness, or as the professional put it, stupidity. People often want to get rid of objects through the drain system that directly leads to the urge of calling a professional. Read more…

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