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The quality assurance guarantees of Dome Facility Services Group involve those checkpoints, processes and tools implemented in the system, that our employees carry out regularly and periodically even if the clients made no claims or complaints. Our company continuously monitors the work of the employees and the subcontractors as well.

The quality management system of Dome Facility Services Group


The ISO standard (International Organization of Standardization) is an international standard that serves as the guarantee for high-quality and reliable services.

Dome Facility Services Group introduced the ISO standard in the first half of the year 2008 through which the clients are provided with quality service that is concerned usual at international level. The ISO defines the tasks, responsibilities and therefore makes the organization more transparent and controllable, and the processes are controlled from the first step till the last, and it solves the quality-related problems.

By introducing the system Dome Facility Services Group aims to further strengthen the level of trust in its present and future clients so that the clients shall not worry about the arising tasks and problems in the facility in our care. It is important for us to assure our clients about the fact that Dome Facility Services Group handles and solves all challenges.


Dome Facility Services Group is not only committed to the evaluation of the end result but to the control of steps that lead to the fulfillment of the task. PQM (Process Quality Management) is a procedure that supports the monitoring of processes. At the same time, with the help of this procedure it is possible to define who shall take what steps in a certain issue in favour of achieving quality service.

IT system, process management support

The DirektFM, an own-developed real estate assistance system of Dome Facility Services Group has been operating from the beginning along fixed processes and has been developing continuously ever since. One of the main keystones of this system is the fact that all jobs are continuously documented, all change entries are automatically affixed to the worksheets (entry by entry). Starting from reporing the job until the end of the settlement procedure, until the closure of accounts with partners all jobs shall follow the steps of a worksheet that only allows fix status settings for users.

Our contract partners are given access on a password protected website to all the rapid response events in connection with their facilities, to be able to follow the status of the work. Moreover, the new rapid response tasks can be reported through our non-stop dispatcher centre as well as on our website.

If you are our contract partner you can enter your individual registration page.

If you have forgotten your password, please, consult your contact person on the phone or via e-mail.

Guarantee, warranty

All contracts and the back of the cash invoices of Dome Facility Services Group include the “General terms” that serve as a contract from the time of invoicing. These terms include guarantee (compulsory guarantee) and warranty conditions. Dome Facility Services Group fulfils the guarantee and warranty obligations towards its clients for each repair and built-in material. The agreement between Dome and each partner/professional regulates non-conformity, guarantees troubleshooting obligation and management, so Dome Facility Services Group can ensure that inadequate performance shall be spotlessly and completely repaired. The proportion of the repair under warranty work at the moment related to the total work carried out does not reach 0,5%.

If we have a contract with our client, the contract includes detailed regulations about the guarantee and warranty obligations of Dome Facility Services Group.

Client satisfaction

In the DirektFM system of Dome Facility Services Group an autographed function group has been generated for the assessment of client satisfaction. We regularly control the quality of our service by random representative survey. The questionnaire was developed together with experts in a way that it shall give an overall picture of the standard of our services in a relatively short time.

We regularly assess the services of Dome Facility Services Group in person with our contract clients by which we aim to ensure smooth cooperation.

You can learn more about the reviews our clients give us from the statistics that are compiled based on the questionnaire under “Statistics”. We would like to thank those who completed our questionnaire, we appreciate your help and time.

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