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Data protection rules and regulations

Present Data protection statement includes all relevant rules and regulation, as well as data management information carried out by Dome Facility Services Group Limited Liability Company (residence at 28-32. Lajos street, Budapest, Hungary ZIP: 1023.; company registration no.: 01-09-712535; tax no.: 12970247-2-41; community tax no.: HU12970247; solely represented by Mr. Gábor Décsi managing director; hereinafter: Provider) available through websites and services (together referred to as Service) on the following internet platforms:,,, By beginning to use the Service the Members accept the conditions of present Statement. Present data protection statement is permanently available on the main site of Provider.
Provider acts in accordance with Act LXIII of 1992 on Protection of Personal Data and the Publicity of Data of Public Interest (hereinafter Act on Data Protection) during the activity in connection with data management, Provider complies with the regulations in effect, takes significant international recommendations into consideration and considers the website of the data protection commissioner as sample when developing the data protection practice. The services provided on the website ensure the fundamental rights to the protection of personal data and data of public interest.

When developing our website we intended to create a type of service for the management of your personal data in a way that you only need to provide data to an extent required for using the services of the website, and according to your specification and in full accordance with the rules and regulations in effect.

I. Data manager

I.1. Provider is the sole data manager regarding personal data managed in connection with the Service, there is no data processor involved.
I.2. Personal data managed by Provider shall only be disclosed to Provider and employees of Provider.
I.3. Data of Service users are stored on the servers of Provider.

II. Purpose of data management

II.1.Provider manages data and address of natural entities necessary for the identification of user for the purpose of creation of contract on provision of service in connection with information society, definition, modification and supervision of fulfillment of its contents, invoicing of charges and enforcing relevant claims.
II.2. Provider manages data and address of natural entities necessary for the identification of user in connection with use of service concerning information society, as well as data concerning the time, duration and place of use of service, for the purpose of invoicing charges deriving from contract on provision of service regarding information society.
II.3. Provider – in addition to facts included in II.2. – manages personal data for the purpose of service provision that are technically inevitable for the provision of service. Shall other conditions be met, Provider selects and operates tools applied during the provision of service in connection with information society in a way that management of personal data be perfomed if it is absolutely necessary for the fulfillment of certain purposes specified in Act CVIII of 2001 on certain issues of electronic commerce services and information society services (hereinafter Act on electronic services), however if so, to the necessary extent and for the necessary duration of time.

II.4. Provider shall only manage data in connection with the use of service for reasons other than specified in II.3. (especially for purposes of increasing the efficiency of service, electronic advertisement addressed to user or any other contents sent for market research reasons) by determining the purpose of data management in advance and with the approval of user.
II.5. Provider continuously ensures the possibility to user that user is able to forbid data management according to II.4. prior to and during the use of service in connection with information society.
II.6. Data specified in II.4 are not linked with identification data of user by Provider and is not disclosed to a third Party without the consent of user.
II.7. Data managed for purposes specified in II.1 through II.3. are deleted by Provider if the contract is not eventually concluded or after termination of contract. Data managed for purposes specified in II.4. must be deleted if the purpose of data management is terminated, or if user requires deletion. Unless otherwise specified by law data deletion must be carried out forthwith.

III. Legal ground of data management

III.1. Act CVIII of 2001 on certain issues of electronic commerce services and information society services (hereinafter Act on electronic services)
III.2. Consent of users

IV. Registration and related data management

IV.Use of Service requires registration, therefore, providing personal data. Provider specifies compulsory and optional data to be provided during registration. Compulsory data are necessary for the safe and lawful provision and use of service. The compulsory data are the following:

IV.2. Evidently, user may decide that s/he does not wish to provide certain data, however, this may result in unability in using certain services. Data provision therefore is volunteer regarding registration and prior consent of the user is considere as legal grounds for data management.
IV.3. Duration of personal data management developed in connection with registration is valid until legal relationship is in effect with user. At the end of this term data provided by and regarding user shall be deleted. Nevertheless, user may require deletion of his/her registration and relevant data.

V. Approval of data management

V.1.Member notes that Provider is entitled (by law) to manage user’s data according to sections II.1. through II.3. of present Data Protection Statement. Member contributes to this data management by signing the contract – irrespectively of entitlement by law.
V.2. Approval of Member is regarded as legal grounds for data management specified in section II.4. of present Statement.
V.3. Member specifically agrees to receiving any type of advertisement sent by Provider or other members about their own products and services via e-mail or other contact data provided by member on the website.
V.4. Provider keeps a register of Member’s approval statements.
V.5. All Members are entitled to ban advertisements without any restrictions or explanation.
V.6. Member ensures Provider that Member’ contact persons by their access request automatically approve of the fact that the data they provide (name, e-mail address) be listed in the database of Provider and Provider may use them without further consent and consideration in return according to rights and obligations included in the contract during the provision of service.

VI. Forwarding data, data management of third parties

VI.1.Provider may only disclose personal identification data to third parties with the specific approval of certain user. The same applies to data managed by Provider by using datafiles.
VI.2. Personal data may be disclosed to third parties in the following cases: The user name of registered users is public data, therefore, it is accessible by anyone. Certain activity of registered users performed in connection with Service can easily be tracked down by anyone based on the user name. Consequences that are regarded as personal data many be drawn, moreover, it is possible that user her/himself discloses his/her own personal identity and therefore makes personal identification possible. Users must be aware when publishing these data of the fact that others may abuse these data. Provider cannot do anything to prevent such an event from happening.
VI.3. Any suspicious activities or activities violating the law detected within the Service Provider is entitled to send or publish warnings or notes, even by using the data of certain users.
VI.4. Provider is entitled to assign its contract partners to provide certain parts of Service (e.g. advertisements, generating viewer’s statistics). In these cases it may occur that Provider discloses certain user data to its contract partners. Such contract partners are obliged to keep nondisclosure rules. Such contract partners may gather user data on their own behalf and for their own purposes with the consent of Provider and certain users, in compliance with the rules and regulation, as well as in accordance with the data protection statement of involved persons or companies.
VI.5. Provider cooperates with authorities with right of investigation and courts in favour of exploring the violation of law in connection with Service and in favor of imposing penalties (e.g. fraud, violation of intellectual property rights), furthermore, it fulfils the data provision requests specified by law.

VII. Management of page view data

VII.1.Certain data and IP addresses of computers of Service users are logged for the purpose of ensuring reliable operation of Service. These data may be regarded as personal data in certain cases. Statistics are generated on the log files and the log files are stored for maximum a year. The IP addresses of users are not linked with any other data by Provider that would enable the identification of user.

VIII. Placement and purpose of “cookies” and “web beacons”
VIII. 1. At the time of using certain parts of the Service, Provider installs small-size data files (cookies) on the computer of user. These files contain data that are not in direct connection with user. The purpose of installing these cookies is data registration, identification of user, easing further visits of user, increasing the efficiency of Service, delivery of advertisement or other targeted contents, or market research. As a result of the application of data files Provider does not link data with the identification data of certain users. The so-called session cookies are automatically deleted after the deadline for cookies is set.
A felhasználónak böngészőjében a cookie-k vonatkozásában az alábbi lehetőségei vannak:

Users have the following possibilities regarding cookies in their browsers:

VIII.2.It is important to mention that rejecting the cookies results in the malfunction of certain sites or functions, furthermore, it is possible that user shall not get access to certain data.
VIII.3. In addition to cookies placed by Provider, third parties may install data files on the computers of users. This may involve events when user visits another website within the Service. For the above reasons Provider may paste web beacons (web bugs) from third parties into its website. The web beacon is a picture embedded into the website with the help of which visits on the website can be tracked down. This information is also called “clickstrem data”. These data helps analyzing the visitor habits that are necessary for improving the quality of the website or in connection with advertisements, commercials. Web beacons are similar to cookies in respect of function, they are used for following the online movement of users. The main difference between the two is that web beacons are not visible on the website. Besides, users do not have the chance to ban the download of web bugs (in contrast to cookies) in their browsers.
VIII.4. We involve external adverising companies for the visualization of our advertisments, commercials on our website. These companies may use certain data of your visit to this or other websites (however they cannot use your name, e-mail address or telephone number) for the purpose of providing appropriate advertisements, commercial (that you might be interested in).
VIII.5. Google Adsense are present on the website.

IX. Data security

IX.1.Provider intends to keep the internet sites technologically well functioning.
IX.2. However Provider takes appropriate security measures for providing the website, Provider does not guarantee that the personal data of users in connection with their activities within the Service or their personal data displayed within the Service are managed solely in ways specified in presen data protection statement. Third parties or other users may be able to tap or spy messages or data that are under the scope of data protection or personal data protection provisions. Moreover, Member may disclose his/her personal data to third parites who may use it in unlawful ways and purposes.

IX.3. Users are solely responsible for the application of their personal ID and password, including all activities in connection with the application of ID and password. Consequently it is advised that the connection between such identifier and user and the password that belongs to the user name be kept confidential. If user discloses these data to a third party, user may lose the opportunity to dispose over his/her own data managed by Provider within the Service.

IX.4. However internet as a technology basically serves the purpose of sharing information so Provider cannot guarantee the security of data published on internet. Provider hereby calls the attention of Members to only publish data of themselves that does not cause any financial or other damage if disclosed to unathorized persons unlawfully.
IX.5. Provider cannot take financial responsibility for potential damage caused to Members due to disclosure of user data to unathorized persons.

X. Liability

X.1Provider does not take any responsibility for information stored, made available or published and sent within the Service.
X.2. If Provider learns about the fact that a user provides the personal data of some other person while using the Service in a way that it violates the rights of the third party, or uses the personal or other data of other persons that are available or acquired in an unlawful way within the Service, or user violates the regulations of present data protection statement and causes damage while using the service, Provider takes the necessary steps to refund the damage, and in favor of legal remedy. If Member caused damage to Provider through his/her such behaviour, Provider is entitled to receive compensation from Member.

X.3.Provider gives all possible assistance to the competent authorities for the purpose of identification of the person violating the law.

XI. Data modification, deleting data

XI.1.Registered users have the possibility to modify and correct the data they provided earlier within the Service. The data is accessible after signing in to their personal account.
XI.2.Registered users can request the deletion of account or data in a written form by sending an e-mail to the following e-mail address:
XI.3. Provider deletes personal data in the following cases:

XI4.Provider notifies the user of the fact of modification and deletion and those to whom the data was forwarded for data management. Notification can be ignored if it does not violate the lawful interest of the users with respect to the purpose of data management.
XI.5. Provider cannot delete the data of the user if data management is specified by law. However, data cannot be forwarded to the data receiver if data manager agrees with the objection and the court stated the justfulness of the objection.


XII. Information, legal redress

XII.1. Usuers are entitled to require information on the management of their personal data at, and they may require the modification of their personal data, and (except for the data management specified by law) deletion, with which Provider is obliged to comply promptly.
XII.2. Data manager provides information upon request by Member about the data of member managed by data manager, the purpose, legal grounds, duration of data management and activities in connection with data management, and about who and for what reason received or shall receive the data. Provider provides the information within the shortest possible time, maximum 30 daysm in Hungarian, in a written form.

XII.3.Member may object against the management of his/her personal data, if

XII.4.Provider – by simultaneous suspension of data management – examines the objection within the shortest possible time from submitting the request, but in maximum 15 days. After examination Provider informs petitioner in written form. If the objection is justified, data manager discontinues data management – including further data recording and data forwarding – and the data are blocked, and those to whom the relevant personal data was forwarded earlier and those who are obliged to take action about the enforcement of the right of objection are informed about the objection and the measures taken.
XII.5. If the user does not agree with the decision made by data manager, s/he can go to court within 30 days of announcement of decision.
XII.6. The user who suspects that Provider violated his/her right of personal data protection can go to civil court or can consult the data protection commissioner for help. The detailed rules and regulations on this issue and the obligation of data manager are included in the Act on data protection.

XIII. Final clause

XIII.1. Present Data protection statement is in effect from 25th January 2012 until withdrawal or until modifications come into effect. Provider reserves the right to modify present data protection statement. Members are officially informed by Provider about the modification. The Registration Form, the Order form and all other agreements include the source where present Statement is available. The prevailing full version of the Data Protection Statement is available under Data Protection Statement on the website.
XIII.2. With respect to matters not regulated hereunder, the Hungarian jurisdiction, therefore specifically the provisions of the Act CVIII of 2001 on certain issues of electronic commerce services and information society services (act on e-commerce), the provisions of the Act IV of 1959Hungarian Civil Code, as well as the provisions of Act LXIII of 1992 on Protection of Personal Data and the Publicity of Data of Public Interestshall prevail.

ATTENTION. The original version of the Data protection rules and regulations of Dome Facility Services Ltd. is in Hungarian. Provider takes no responsibility for any misunderstanding that may derive from translation.


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