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Tenders from the EU Structural Funds


Our tenders from the European Union Structural Funds

Besides our references, the tenders that we won describe the efficiency of Dome Facility Services Group and the potential that lies in our system.

We can support the development of Dome Facility Services Group with successful tenders therefore“we are one step ahead” of the market. As per our motto: “We always arrive on time”!


Thanks to the tenders we can provide our co-workers with overall and continuous training programs concerning issues relevant to their scope of activities. We took part in consultaions in order to map the directions of development for Dome Facility Services Group for the sake of extending our service network, furthermore, we are developing our fleet with up-to-date machines, and we had our existing internal quality management system audited with ISO standards as well.

The projects were supported by the European Union and the Hungarian State:


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