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Our continuously extending network is looking for professionals, subcontractors and contractors. The conditions and process of application are available under “Our partners”

The following list contains the currently available positions. New partners application

Open positions

We require a work experience of at least 3 years in a similar position, reference is a must. Please, send your professional cv to Please, specify your net salary requirements.

Cleaning staff

We are looking for full time cleaning staff for carrying out the continuous daily cleaning tasks of big-size residential communities. The responsibilities include daily cleaning of the given facility, cleaning the common areas as well as occasional housecleaning and instrumental garage cleaning in cooperation with others in the same position under the direction of the facility manager. The necessary uniform and devices are provided.

Maintenance staff

There are up-to-date mechanical systems and equipment of great value in facilities managed by our company. We are looking for a building engineer who shall carry out the daily operational tasks, controls and potential “light maintenance” of this equipment. Electrical qualifications and relevant work experience is an advantage.

New partner application

If you wish to join our dynamically developing team, please, send your cv to In the subject field, please, enter your field of expertise.

Conditions of admission

Dome Facility Services Group gives a hand to future co-workers in passing the qualifying exam. For more information visit education/training.


Dome Facility Services Group is in strategic cooperation with the following professional trainings and training centres:

Evaluation of professionals according to profession

During the quality control calls we require detailed information about our professionals who are evaluated, supplemented by our subjective opinion. The professionals are categorized according to this ranking and involved in the work. If a professional hits the bottom of a certain level (3), he is banned from the system after being given a warning.


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